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Second Grade Math Games

Do you have a 2nd grader at home? You are likely seeing your child become more reflective
and self-reliant. At this learning stage, it’s important that kids develop confidence and
problem-solving skills.

DreamBox Learning’s 2nd grade math games help them become proficient,
flexible mathematical thinkers, boosting confidence and improving their test scores. More
than 150 2nd grade math lesson games teach kids math in a thrilling adventure with pirates,
pixies, pet friends, and more!

The DreamBox Learning advantage

  • Standards-based, individualized curriculum for 2nd graders
  • Rewards throughout the game boost confidence
  • Teaches base-ten number system and place-value concepts, while developing quick recall of basic facts and fluency with multidigit addition and subtraction
  • Parents can track student’s progress
  • Online interactive games make 2nd grade math learning fun

Second grade math games should never be second best

Unlike other “educational games”, DreamBox Learning is more education than game! Our math lessons
help 6-, 7-, and 8-year olds grasp base-ten numeration, multi-digit addition and subtraction, and quick
recall of addition and subtraction facts — all in a fun story adventure! And kids get both fluency
as well as developing critical thinking skills. Dinosaurs and pirates and pets make our math games
fun, but there is always serious learning going on.

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