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Math proficiency for School Improvement Grant recipients

Schools that are awarded a School Improvement Grant (SIG) must dramatically improve academic performance, demonstrate adequate yearly progress and boost test scores. DreamBox Learning© has been shown to help achieve these goals.

Learn how DreamBox Helped Test Scores

DreamBox has been proven effective for SIG schools

West Seattle Elementary was among the lowest performing 5% of schools in the nation and was awarded a federal SIG to improve student achievement. After bringing in a new principal and implementing a Continuous Improvement Plan that included the use of DreamBox Learning, the school posted the highest growth in math scores in the Seattle School District, 2.5 times greater than the average math gains for the district.

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West Seattle students had the highest growth in math MAP test scores in the Seattle School District.

Vicki Sacco, Principal, West Seattle Elementary

School Improvement Grant funding

School Improvement Grants are designed to improve student achievement in eligible schools (i.e., identified for improvement, corrective action, or restructuring) by implementing one of the four intervention models (1) turnaround, (2) restart, (3) school closure, or (4) transformation.

DreamBox Learning helps districts with SIGs by:

  • Supporting comprehensive instructional reforms such as RTI, differentiated instruction and incorporated technology
  • Ensuring academic progress with a research-based adaptive learning program
  • Providing personalized learning paths through challenging academic content (including integrated lessons and assessments) which align to the Common Core State Standards
  • Monitoring student progress towards meeting challenging academic standards by providing detailed student and classroom reports

Other funding sources for DreamBox Learning

We understand that finding and securing funding sources can be critical to meeting your educational goals. We have provided resources to aid in this effort. DreamBox Learning’s supplemental math program meets the goals of many federal funding sources, so you can help EVERY student achieve math proficiency. Click here to learn more about School Improvement Grants and other federal funding sources.