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Sixth Grade Resources

The move to middle school math made easier

21st Century skills are built in

Operations Fluency with Exponents

Students are presented with an equation on DreamBox’s interactive expressions panel. The equation has the same expression on both sides, but on one side of the equation, every exponent and operation is represented by a button. Students choose the operations and simplify expressions in a mathematically valid order. When students select an operation that isn’t a valid next step, they see which other operations must be completed before the one they selected. This design enables students to solve multiple steps at once if they prefer and also helps them understand that there are often multiple valid orders for simplifying an expression.

Coordinate Grids: Location and Measurement

Students use DreamBox’s interactive coordinate grid to organize space on a plane, define a point for the the origin, and record coordinate locations of objects in an x-y table.  In this lesson, students learn that the coordinate plane has an x-axis and a y-axis and that the intersection of these two perpendicular axes is the point (0, 0) and is called the origin. They not only identify locations on the grid designated by ordered pairs, but also develop the idea that a grid can be strategically overlaid onto any plane in order to communicate about location and measure distances.

Grade 6 Teacher Tools & Sample Lesson Plan

Ready to use in Grade 5 classrooms with any type of interactive white board, DreamBox Teacher Tools are virtual manipulatives designed to help teach the concepts students need to learn—and to reinforce Common Core standards. Based on cognitive research that shows how children really learn, DreamBox’s engaging, high-quality virtual manipulatives help motivate and guide learners at every level to persist, progress, and achieve math proficiency.

Making math meaningful

These Teacher Tools help bring math to life for all students in large- or small-group instructional settings. Any teacher can use these online math tools—TenFrames, MathRacks, and other innovative tools—with your interactive white board or projector to make math lessons clear for your whole class.

Supporting professional development

When teachers access DreamBox Teacher Tools, they’ll also find tutorials about using the manipulatives and ideas for incorporating the tools into classroom lessons. And we provide resources that support the professional development of teachers as they learn to include the virtual manipulatives in their lesson plans. 

Free Teacher Tools for interactive whiteboards

Use a Grade 6 sample lesson plan

Additional Six Grade Resources