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Supplemental math and reading solutions

DreamBox math and reading programs inspire lifelong learning

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Personalize learning

Meet every student exactly where they are 

DreamBox data-driven, personalized learning technology delivers the right math and reading instruction at the right time. Students always feel motivated and excited to learn. 

DreamBox Math

Personalized math

DreamBox Math is an easy-to-implement, adaptive math solution that provides K- 8 students with engaging, personalized instruction proven to build deeper mathematical understanding. 

  • Personalize the learning path - The program adjusts in real time based on student behavior, providing the right lessons, sequencing, and scaffolding at exactly the right time.
  • Build student confidence  - Students take ownership of their learning when they set and track goals, personalize avatars and work within incentivized gamified environments.
  • Automate lesson differentiation - Real-time reports and immediate lesson recommendations save educators time, so they can focus on teaching.
  • Track student growth - Easily monitor progress for any student, any standard, at any time. No testing required.
  • Make screen time matter - Students using DreamBox Math for one hour a week demonstrated over 5 percentile point gains in just 8 weeks.


Personalized reading

DreamBox Reading is an adaptive personalized learning solution that provides targeted instruction and scaffolding to improve silent reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and motivation for students in grades PreK -12. 

  • Personalized guided practice - Improve fluency with the DreamBox Reading Guided Window. This tool reveals text at the rate each student reads, scaffolding the silent reading process so students focus on comprehension.
  • Motivate and engage learners - Offer students agency with a comprehensive library that empowers them to explore their interests and discover the experiences of others.
  • Access actionable insights - Robust data reports track student progress, inform instructional planning and connect students with secondary resources.
  • Impact learning - DreamBox Reading is proven effective. Students in grades 3-12 can achieve 2.5 years of growth in just 60 hours of personalized instruction.
Math and reading evidence for ESSA


Already driving learning for over 6 million students

Discover why DreamBox leads the industry for data-driven learning with rapid results.

DreamBox Learning dual-discipline overview

Meet the only adaptive K - 12 dual discipline solution rated STRONG by Johns Hopkins EvidenceforESSA.org.

Success spotlight: Pinellas County Schools

Large urban district accelerates growth in math across all groups: 1 hour a week, 8 weeks, 5 percentile points growth.

Video: DreamBox Learning Overview

Discover what adaptive, personalized learning looks like and explore how DreamBox personalizes learning at scale.

Interactive journey: What makes DreamBox different?

Engage with our interactive experience to access critical resources, discover success stories from across the nation and learn why DreamBox Learning is educators’ first choice.

DreamBox Math Factsheet

Intelligently adapt math instruction for K – 8 students and allow them to drive their own learning while providing educators with in-the-moment data and insights to ensure success.

Success spotlight: Students achieve reading proficiency in all learning environments

Learn how students using Reading Plus achieved growth at all tiers, despite nationwide school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

DreamBox Reading Factsheet

Personalize literacy instruction for grades 3 – 12 learners and improve silent reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and motivation for all students.

eBook: The DreamBox Reading experience

Take an interactive journey through our reading program and see why educators choose it to help motivate students to become proficient readers.

DreamBox Math and Reading Resources

Access helpful resources and explore why DreamBox Learning is the perfect solution in your district’s toolkit. DreamBox programs:

  • Provide learner-driven personalized instruction and intervention in real time for students across all learning levels.
  • Offer the only dual-discipline program rated STRONG by Evidence for ESSA in both math and reading.
  • Have demonstrated efficacy across every achievement level – students using our programs with fidelity have shown significant growth in both math and reading.
  • Produce rapid results for math and reading proficiency.


Ready to see why DreamBox Math and Reading programs are right for you and your students?

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