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It’s true!

100% of DreamBox Math Lessons are available in both English & Spanish

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What does 100% mean?

DreamBox has been carefully evaluated by Spanish student focus groups and undergone lengthy consultation with Spanish-speaking teachers to provide students with the best possible Spanish math experience. 100% means: All voiceovers and character dialogue, all lessons and the user experience and all closed captions.

Spanish Speaking Student Growth Chart

How well does it work?

At Aldeane Comito Ries Elementary School, where 96 percent of students are English Language Learners, students using DreamBox for 60 minutes per week on average, progressed an ENTIRE YEAR within the DreamBox curriculum. Students in 1st grade saw an average of two years’ growth!

Spanish speaking student

We have used DreamBox, specifically in Spanish, to close those gaps, and make grade level content both accessible in and comprehensible. These students have absolutely soared. Within one semester they have grown two grade levels, and are officially able to take part in whole group instruction with ESL support, all thanks to DreamBox.

Amy Oats, Principal & Megan Leff, ESL

New Hanover County Schools, NC

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Learn how a Hays CISD Student Grew FOUR Grade Levels in ONE Year

A 6th Grade ELL student... - Had never passed a STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness). - Was performing at 2nd grade level at the beginning of the school year. - Completed more than 3 DreamBox lessons per week at school & at home. - Was mastering 6th grade skills & passed Math STAAR for the 1st time in May.

100% bilingual

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Six Strategies ELLS Cover

Provide an Equitable Math Education for ALL Students

When math is taught effectively, all students learn important vocabulary and language skills. For Spanish-speaking students, an equitable math education is a pathway to help them grow into English-proficient learners and successful bilingual students. Our white paper, Six Strategies to Close Math Gaps for ELLs, suggests classroom strategies that can create a dynamic shift in each student’s confidence and improve their math performance. What’s Inside: - The #1 myth in teaching math to ELLs - 6 strategies that can make a difference in your Spanish-speaking ELLs’ achievement - Best practices to teach ELLs in alignment with new math standards

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