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Student Driven Learning

Putting the student in charge of the learning experience

Actively participating and engaged

Using a technology-rich environment, student-driven learning means lectures are complemented or replaced with active learning strategies and learning guidance, rather than memorization, to engage the student and improve learning, support knowledge retention, and raise achievement. It’s a way to connect with every student —right where they are— to support progress toward grade-level standards, while cultivating the development of the whole child. The main objective of a student centered classroom is to create a learning environment in which each child is able to actively participate in his or her own learning experience. This requires a certain level of personalization, because students are no longer the passive recipients of knowledge being transmitted by teachers standing at the front of the classroom.

How DreamBox motivates

DreamBox Learning Math and its Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology was designed to help students become more active participants in their learning. The student learns at her own pace and uses her own strategies. She is more intrinsically than extrinsically motivated and learning is more individualized than standardized. Student-centered learning develops ‘learning-how-to-learn’ skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and reflective thinking. The game-like environment, with its rewards and multiple learning pathways spurs engagement and going-to-the-next-level inspiration.