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Powerful Insights for Teachers

Formative, summative, and predictive reports mean you will always know where your students are, how DreamBox is helping them grow, and how you can help even more.

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Actionable insights that accelerate growth

It’s easier than ever to differentiate lessons for your students with real-time reports and lesson recommendations from the Insight Dashboard that save you time, and let you focus on teaching.

DreamBox Insight Dashboard

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Easily track progress and standards for any state

Grouping by Standards helps you see what students have mastered, are in the process of learning, or haven’t started learning yet so you can take out the guesswork.
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A Crystal Ball for Student Performance

The Insight Dashboard is like having a teaching assistant in your classroom, giving you powerful insights to address gaps and prepare your students for standardized testing without taking time away from learning.


Formative and Predictive Insights for Teachers

By pairing individual student data with three-plus years of historical performance data and benchmark exams, DreamBox serves up tangible insights that help you boost math learning from day one.


Watch How They Grow

Wondering just how far your students’ math expertise has grown? Track their progress with the Impact Report.


Your Class At-A-Glance

Quickly see where each student in your classroom is for the week, or even longer. You choose what data you want to see for your entire classroom, all in one snapshot.


Create Personalized Assignments in Minutes

Save a tree and your voice when you use the Assignments feature. You can automatically differentiate lessons for your entire class, small groups, or individual students – directly from DreamBox.


Activity Feed

Get actionable information at both a classroom and student level on the standards students are working on, and whether they’ve completed specific lessons.


Communicate with your Students Through Messaging

Create rich connections with your students when you use the messaging tool. You can use several pre-set messages or craft custom notes in English or Spanish.


Focus in with Student Overview

Get granular on individual student growth and progress -- or see where you can help more -- with the Student Overview report.


Our reports are pretty great. But that’s just the beginning.

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DreamBox is radically transforming the way the world learns. Our math and reading programs take students from where they are to where they want to be.

DreamBox is radically transforming the way the world learns. Our math and reading programs take students from where they are to where they want to be.

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