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Teachers have been working harder than ever. DreamBox eases the workload while kids learn and grow. In fact, just one hour of DreamBox Math a week increases students’ math scores by 60%. Everyone thrives — it’s a #DreamBoxMathVictory.


What is DreamBox Learning?

Watch this video to learn how DreamBox adapts to students’ needs in real time and provides insight into where your students are in their math journey.

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Steps for back-to-school success

To realize the full benefits of DreamBox, make it part of your classroom routine. Doing this can help you understand student progress from the beginning of the year. The sooner students start playing, the sooner you’ll get meaningful data and insights about their math proficiencies. 

Whether your learning goal is to close achievement gaps with intervention students, offer accelerated learning opportunities or personalize math learning for every student in your classroom, DreamBox can support them in a variety of ways.

5 ways to implement DreamBox in your classroom

Rotation model

Different stations, including one with DreamBox, are placed around the room for students to engage in a variety of activities focused on learning math. Students work at each station for 20 to 30 minutes.

Small group

Some students work on DreamBox while others are engaged in a larger group activity. The Standards Proficiency Report helps you group students.

Whole class

Every student works on DreamBox for a set amount of time. Use the Insight Dashboard to see your students’ progress and lesson completion in real time on the Activity Feed. Take this time to engage with individual students.

Before/after school

Provide access to DreamBox in the library or computer lab for early arrivals or late pickups.

Home usage

If all students have access to a device at home, consider assigning 20 minutes of DreamBox three times a week as homework.

Visit the Kids Activity Hub to access resources and fun activities for your students >>


Join our online professional learning community

Created for educators like you, DreamBox Nation is an online professional learning community dedicated to improving student achievement. The Insight Dashboard lets you learn continuously, with and from other educators, about teaching best practices and proven strategies for implementing DreamBox with success. You can also earn special rewards every time you collaborate. Join today!

Family support

Ensure families know how to support their children on DreamBox

Family support is vital to student engagement. Encourage families and learning guardians to play an active role in their children’s learning on DreamBox.

  • Share the Family Invitation Letter to tell families how they can log in to view their children’s progress and learning.
  • Help families get their login information.
  • Show families how to set up the Family Dashboard on their children’s school account to see their success on DreamBox.
  • Share the DreamBox at Home video series with your students’ families and learning guardians. It’s easily accessible on our YouTube Channel.

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DreamBox Innovations

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Teacher dashboard

Use the Insight Dashboard to gain insights into each student’s unique learning needs so you can differentiate your instruction in new ways.

View a video tour of your DreamBox Insight Dashboard.

Student-facing reporting

A Harvard study proves that one hour of DreamBox math a week increases student proficiency by 60%. Get your students in a growth mindset this school year. Start them off completing five DreamBox lessons a week.

Students have insight into their own goal progress and can celebrate multiweek streaks.

Let our support team help resolve your issues

Visit our DreamBox Support Site. Our support agents or live agent chat can help you resolve issues fast, so you can focus on teaching students in the classroom. 





Math was confusing for Corbin but he wasn’t sure why. Now he’s blown away by how much he knows. DreamBox Math intelligently adapts to give him the right next lesson at the right time. He’s mastered math concepts at his unique pace and built confidence along the way. And that’s a #DreamBoxMathVictory.