Continually displaying student progress

The Mathematics Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are the state-mandated curriculum guidelines that establish what every student, from elementary school through high school, should know and be able to do in mathematics. To provide students with the foundation for deep, fundamental mathematical understanding in alignment with TEKS, DreamBox reports are aligned to show student progress with the TEKS Standards of Math Learning in these focal areas: Number and operations; Algebraic reasoning; Geometry and measurement; Proportionality; and Expressions, equations and relationships.

Standards Alignment

DreamBox has been very instrumental in DreamBox is particularly effective in our diverse, multi-lingual school due to its’ game-based, highly motivating and visual environment. We have found that it strongly supports the new (TEKS) state standards and is very effective at building early numeracy and fluency skills.

—Yolanda Rodriguez, Principal, Theodore Roosevelt Elementary