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Access to data is critical for ensuring growth and success for every student. Educators are constantly searching for ways to best address the learning needs of their individual students. They are further challenged now that typical data collection approaches aren’t occurring in schools. DreamBox Predictive Insights and the information available provides tangible insights that teachers can use to help their students make proficiency gains earlier in the learning cycle, address gaps, and put all students on the right path for learning and achievement.

Lisa Kotowski, Assistant Superintendent

My 10 year old son and 5 year old daughter love the product so much I just signed my 4 year old up too! They love the games and I love the math practice. Perfect match

Julie K, Co-op Member

DreamBox provides a great way to develop true number sense, as well as develop comfort with standard algorithms. The interactive animated format is particularly powerful for visualizing new concepts, particularly geometry.

RJ , Co-op Memeber
Homeschool Buyers Co-op

My students love using Dreambox. They use it about 20 minutes a day. On average, my first grade class is working at a middle of second grade level.

Laura Niec, First Grade Teacher
Center Point Urbana Primary School

My students absolutely love working with DreamBox. There is complete silence when they are on the program! It is amazing how it adapts to the exact level each of my students need. Students can work on DreamBox individually at their own pace and level while I am working with small groups on our current content. It is truly filling in the missing gaps for some students and stretching others beyond what I can do in the classroom! It’s almost as if there is another teacher providing individualized instruction! It’s a fantastic program.

Dani Kremer, Fourth Grade Teacher
Center Point Urbana Intermediate School

The Common Core Report is my favorite. It helps me to see exactly what areas the students are working on and passing. I can also see where they are having difficulty and spending more time. I use this data for small group time where I can focus on the specific areas that each student needs help.

Shannon Freel, Second Grade Teacher
Bancroft Elementary School

Using DreamBox in our math instructional blocks has allowed us to change practice, close gaps and target instruction to each child’s specific ability level. Because it adapts within lessons, teachers are able to the use the reporting data to inform and change their instruction almost immediately.

Nicole Makovetz, Third and Fourth Grade MST
Grover Cleveland Mastery Charter School

I was a huge supporter of bringing DreamBox to Stubbs Elementary after seeing a huge success with it while I was assistant principal at Oberle last year. We saw more than a 15% increase in our math scores in one year and the only thing we did differently was use DreamBox. Based on Stubbs’ State assessment data, closing the achievement gap in math is a priority. I am excited to see the impact it will have on our students here.

Melissa Brady, Assistant Principal
Stubbs Elementary

The kids are motivated, we like the quick access to data, and we like that it helps us to “fill in gaps” in conceptual understanding.

Julie Jameson Benay, Principal
Malletts Bay School

Our teachers use the reporting and the data features of DreamBox to really inform their instruction.

Cynthia White, Principal
Cleveland Elementary School