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My second graders became so proficient in math by the end of last year that they had no trouble mastering triple digit functions! I now have my sons using DreamBox Math on the iPad at home. They love to play it, and I love how much they are learning. It’s just so easy to use.

William Tonnies, Second Grade Teacher
Oakwood School

The amazing thing about using DreamBox in our Summer Advantage USA program was that it allowed us to in some cases more than double the skills and content each child was able to practice and master. In just 4 weeks of using DreamBox for 20 minutes 4 times a week, as part of the math instructional block, we saw a full 4.1 months of improvement in math achievement.

Michelle Ciccone, Strategic Initiatives Manager
Summer Advantage USA

Why is DreamBox so engaging for our students? I believe it is the combination of adaptive technology, high quality, comprehensive math content and a learning environment that encourages students to experience and make sense of mathematics. It is the intertwining of all three of these elements that provides an optimal learning zone. I can see all of these elements at work.

Ed Enns, Learning Services Consultant
Waterloo Region District School Board

Because it’s so visually rich, DreamBox keeps ELL students highly engaged. Our teachers particularly like how it spirals instruction for our students.

Yolanda Rodriguez, Principal
Theodore Roosevelt Elementary

DreamBox is particularly effective in our diverse, multi-lingual school due to its’ game-based, highly motivating and visual environment. We have found that it strongly supports the new (TEKS) state standards and is very effective at building early numeracy and fluency skills.

Yolanda Rodriguez, Principal
Theodore Roosevelt Elementary

DreamBox reaches students with widely divergent experiences in math and varying levels of conceptual understanding.

Tricia Gissele, Coordinator Student Intervention and Support Services
Spokane Public Schools

DreamBox is a great tool for reinforcing the number sense skills taught through classroom instruction, not only for ELL and struggling students, but for every child. On a daily basis, students are connecting what they learn on DreamBox to what they are learning in the classroom. Teachers are always hearing, “I learned that strategy on DreamBox while teaching mathematics.

Tracey Curcio, Title I Math Teacher
Elizabeth Scott Elementary

Knowing that number sense is a key component in building a strong foundation in mathematics, our primary goal for bringing DreamBox to our school was to help our ELL and struggling students build this foundation, not only during classroom instruction, but through technology as well. DreamBox differentiates instruction based on each individual child’s ability level through visual learning. With our students, we have found that DreamBox is not just an intervention tool. We have seen the benefits of DreamBox with students of all ability levels.

Tracey Curcio, Title I Math Teacher
Elizabeth Scott Elementary

My students are using the program at home, during math stations, computer time and as an intervention for RTI. Overall we are very satisfied with the program. Graphics are outstanding as well as the individualized lessons that incorporate a variety of manipulatives.

Tina Tipton, Math Instructional Coach
Pine Tree Elementary School

Students at ICEF are moving from basic to proficient and proficient to advanced. DreamBox has been a key component of that.

Ryan Gomez, Principal
ICEF Vista Elementary