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Since the release of your app my students’ engagement in DreamBox has increased greatly. Their weekend and evening usage is way up. I am currently teaching one of Cathy Fosnot’s context for learning units of study, Muffle’s Truffles. Most of my students are making amazing connections to the work they are doing in their personalized learning through DreamBox. Students are plugging their iPads into the computer and projecting their DreamBox work on our Promethean Board. The conversations about patterns and strategies among my young mathematicians is amazing!

Mary Mroczenski, Third Grade Teacher
Cushing Elementary

DreamBox is engaging, adaptive, easy to access and requires no teacher diagnostic time. It’s helping all of our students to fill gaps in their conceptual understanding.

Marilyn Dollard, Principal
Oberle Elementary School

We love DreamBox on the iPad. The kids use it on an almost daily basis… They especially like being able to manipulate things with their hands instead of the mouse… It’s interesting, if given the choice, most of them would choose to play it on the iPad instead of the computer.

Amy Bolting, Fifth Grade Math Teacher
Alvin Elementary School

DreamBox has been instrumental in helping our teachers address gaps in conceptual understanding and maximizing instructional time in the classroom.

Laura Brace, Elementary Math Curriculum Specialist
Christina School District

I really appreciate how DreamBox supports good instruction and helps our students move from the concrete to the abstract. The virtual manipulatives provide great models of number sense while the lesson structures make kids think and develop sophisticated problem solving strategies.

Kimberly Schroeter, Director of Instruction/Titles Coordinator

We use both the classroom usage and Common Core Proficiency reports to help our students meet standards and reach their end of year individual learning goals.

Kenneth Maag, Elementary Special Education Teacher
Brader Elementary School

I love how DreamBox fosters independence with my students while enforcing some of the skills I’ve taught in the classroom. I also love how it engages all students no matter their level of learning.

Kelly Engle, Kindergarten teacher
Allendale Elementary

Our teachers love that DreamBox is a naturally differentiated math activity. We know that each student is getting exactly what they need at the time they need it. It’s powerful learning that’s also fun.

Katie LaMott, Math Support Specialist
Cherry Knoll Elementary

DreamBox is an engaging program that gives students the power to be self-directed learners– and that’s what I want for them. The immediate feedback lets them either continue with that topic or redo a lesson that needs reinforcement.

Kathleen Haas, Title One Teacher
Chaska Elementary School

We are very impressed at how well the tasks and questions on DreamBox mirror the Standards of Learning Assessments for Technology-Enhanced Items (TEI)

Julianne Marse, Assistant Principal
Dutrow Elementary