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We have to keep moving forward in our classes, but there are just instances when kids have missed something along the way—either through an absence, or just not “getting it.” With DreamBox, I can have fifth grade students that don’t understand place value review and understand at their own pace. DreamBox helps to fill those educational gaps at the exact time and place that each child needs it … certainly something that I cannot provide for every student during our classroom time

Amy Bolting, Fifth Grade Math Teacher
Alvin Elementary School

Teachers trust the system, they know it works, it facilitates a way to work with only a few students at a time while knowing that all students are working.

Dawn Moye, Blended Learning Manager
Federal Way Public Schools


“I love DreamBox because it doesn’t make me so frustrated in math. It’s taught me how to do it an easier way.”

Third Grade Student
Chaska Elementary School

DreamBox provides students with the 1:1 support they need. It’s like having a teaching partner in my classroom.

Wendy Funk, First Grade Teacher
Penngrove Elementary School

DreamBox helps me maximize my time and effectiveness with students so I can target lessons and practice to student needs.

Wendy Funk, First Grade Teacher
Penngrove Elementary School

My teachers love DreamBox on the iPad!

Rhonda Sinquefield, Instructional Math Coach
W.H. Robinson School

Is it true? Is it real? I’m so excited! I found the DreamBox app on our classroom iPad. Is it really on the iPad now?

KP Student, Student
Randolph School

DreamBox is helping me learn more about math and now I’m getting all of it right!

Kindergarten Student

It’s a game for your brain and you just don’t realize that you’re also learning.

Fifth Grade Student
Elizabeth Scott Elementary

I asked my students to tell me what they like about DreamBox and the consensus is that it is user friendly; students are able to navigate and learn independent of the need for constant support and instruction. And, of course, most said it was “fun”.

Ed Avinger, Fourth Grade Teacher
Bancroft Elementary School