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Third Grade Math Games

While third graders are exploring new, more complex concepts, math continues to be more concrete than abstract. It helps when kids can work with numbers in a hands-on way.

Manipulatives, such as multiplication picture arrays and Snap Blocks™, are useful tools for helping students visualize a math concept in concrete terms. Now, with the internet in common classroom use, “virtual manipulatives” can also be used to support math learning. Virtual manipulatives are interactive online representations of their physical counterparts. They give teachers the ability to demonstrate a concept, and they let students manipulate the objects to construct mathematical knowledge.

When student can use manipulatives to work out solutions to problems — whether they’re physical tools in the classroom, or virtual tools like those used in DreamBox lessons — students can more easily grasp big ideas in math. They understand that math is something logical, not just a set of facts, and they can better understand relationships between numbers.

DreamBox Learning’s 3rd grade math games give kids a healthy dose of learning fun along with a solid math curriculum. Students will do more than just practice what was learned in class — they’ll be introduced to new concepts. DreamBox Learning’s individualized math curriculum, based on the Common Core State Standards, focuses on number and operations and algebra for 3rd grade, and supports reasoning and problem solving. And because all of DreamBox Learning’s third grade math games are completely adapted to each student, your children will be placed at the right place in the curriculum, skipping what they know and focusing on what they’re ready to learn.

The third grade math advantage

DreamBox Learning K-3 Math features interactive and engaging play for 3rd graders

  • Over 100 online lessons in the 3rd grade curriculum (and more than 500 lessons in all in DreamBox Learning K-3 Math!)
  • The math curriculum is completely adapted to each child
  • Adventure games and story themes makes math learning fun
  • Online interactive games make 3rd grade math learning fun

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