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Address Unfinished Learning

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Quickly identify & fill learning gaps in math

Kim Wallace is author of Leading the Launch: A Ten-Stage Process for Successful District Initiatives (Publication Pending with Solution Tree: Summer 2021)

DreamBox recognizes and embraces the notion that what works for one student may not work for another, which is why they designed their platform with a variety of learners in mind. The reason why DreamBox is so powerful is that they take the stance that learning is always unfinished, and it is their core mission to provide all possible pathways to each individual student's success.

Kim Wallace, Ed.D.

Professional Educational Consultant & Former Superintendent


Researchers estimate that students on average can lose five to nine months of learning by the end of the 2020-2021 school year, with students of color losing more, likely six to 12 months. DreamBox Math is the only online K–8 math program where learners are proven to succeed regardless of their starting point. With built-in assessments, real-time adaptive learning, and progress tracking, DreamBox opens learning opportunities, mitigates unfinished learning, and provides a truly individualized learning experience. Fill out our form to have a DreamBox representative contact you about implementing DreamBox Math. Ask us about purchasing with ESSER funds and what other funding options may be available to you! A Harvard study found that just 60 minutes of DreamBox Math a week improves students’ math scores nearly 60%.

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Keep students engaged and learning all summer long!

On DreamBox, educators can use real-time student data to measure learning progress, identify areas for growth, and create differentiated assignments that fit their summer program goals while still meeting learners right where they are. - Address unfinished learning: Help students fill learning gaps with targeted math intervention tools. - Measure proficiency: View students progress by grade level and standard. DreamBox uses built-in formative assessments while students work on lessons, so teachers don’t have to lose instructional time to testing. - Get Ready for Back to School: Empower teachers to get a jump start on DreamBox over the summer. They can access embedded professional development modules so they can be DreamBox experts and work on their own math skills before the fall.

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