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By Teachers for Teachers: Using teacher input to develop curriculum

As the Curriculum Director at Dreambox, I have the privilege of talking with teachers, administrators and students all the time. I’m often asked of wide range of questions about curriculum, learning and technology. One of my favorite questions to answer is a critical one that every educator should ask of learning resources and software. What input do teachers have in the development of Dreambox? There are two important answers to this question.

The first is that Dreambox is built by teachers for teachers. We’ve always have experience classroom teachers on staff fulltime to help create our Virtual Manipulative and build lessons on our Intelligent Adaptive Learning platform.

Everyday Dreambox teachers who we call curriculum designers use their experience working in classrooms and one on one with students to design lessons that are played by thousands of students. During the hours of each week, when students use Dreambox as complement to their classroom learning, classroom teachers can have confidence that the expertise of a great teacher empowers Dreambox to adapt and differentiate uniquely for each student.

The seond answer is that we continually listen to teacher feedback and make improvements that support student learning, data reporting, and better implementation of Dreambox. Every week, our client success team and curriculum designers love hearing great ideas from some of the thousands of thoughtful teachers using Dreambox. Having spontaneous myself in public education and as a classroom teacher and district leader, I know how many great ideas teachers have and we’ve made many improvements in the past year that resulted directly from teacher-suggested ideas.

There are many things that set Dreambox apart from other educational technologies in Math software. Certainly one of these distinctions is our accomplished classroom teachers. Dreambox curriculum designers work closely with our creative art and US designers as well as our talented programmers to develop award winning content. Unfortunately, some education products and technologies aren’t developed directly by teachers who understand the realities of the classroom based on years of experience working directly with students. But at Dreambox, teachers would always be key contributors to the development of our great lessons.

Thanks for your time

Tim Hudson, PhD
Curriculum Director
Dreambox Learning