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Changing the Way the World Learns

So, there was a third grader who had been using DreamBox in a math lab and he loved using DreamBox. He loved going to the math lab. And when I asked him why he liked it he said because when he’s working on DreamBox, it’s the only time when he gets to work with all other kids because he, he was a struggling student. And he was a student who always got pulled out for special attention and he felt like he was always being pulled out with the slower kids. And what he wanted to do was just to be with everybody else. And he said it’s with DreamBox that he feels really smart. He feels as smart with anybody else and he feels like he’s really learning the way he wanted to learn. And he was a third grader so, that was one of my favorite stories.

The world is yours. This world is yours so whatever you can imagine you can achieve and not to be afraid of making mistakes because mistakes are a little opportunity to learn. So with every mistake, you get an opportunity to get better at something, and so to have courage about their future. The world is theirs.

Jessie Woolley-Wilson
President and CEO
DreamBox Learning