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Transforming blended learning one student at a time

Dr. Kemi Jona, Professor of Learning Science and Computer Science, Northwestern University, provides insights into the ways DreamBox’s Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology is transforming blended learning.

My name is Kemi Jona. I’m a professor of Learning Sciences and Computer Science at Northwestern University where I’ve been working on learning technologies for the last 20 years. And one of the things that I really appreciate about DreamBox is that it has intelligent adaptive mechanisms that adjust the level to the students so that they are able to work at exactly the right pace for themselves. And one of the things that this does even though that’s cool and innovate itself, is that it frees the teacher to use different strategies in the classrooms in terms of how here she is using the time because the software’s able to adjust where the student is at, the teacher’s then free to use different groupings to pull off few students aside. And this really enables the true transformation and how Blended Learning if you will can help all students reach their potential in math or whatever subject.