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Instruction individualized for struggling learners

Dominque Lee, Founder and Executive Director of BRICK Academy, explains how DreamBox has helped drive student math achievement from underperformance to proficiency and beyond.

I’m Dominique Lee, the Founder and Executive Director of BRICK Academy, Building Responsible Intelligent Creative Kids. We’re Education Management Organization that works with chronically failing schools to turn them around to high performing schools for almost neediest children across the nation.  So, this is our fifth year in operation and when we first started, we noticed that our children were all over the math across the grades, we have fifth graders in the class with kindergarten skills, we had third graders with sixth grader skills.  The teacher pretty much had a plot her options in terms of children.  So, we noticed that we want to breakdown the classroom to small group instruction after reading a bunch of research and we stumbled across Blended Learning and noticed that there was schools like Rocketship across the nation were doing it.

And so we reached out to them.  And we’ve developed our Blended Learning model based upon the rotation, eight computers in the classroom with a teacher in a small center where they work.  And the reason behind doing this is that it enables us to meet the individual needs of our children.  We noticed that when we meet the individual needs of the children, our children move academically.  So, we’ve been using DreamBox as the math software in our Blended Learning model.  And we’ve pretty much started the school at 16% overall passing and we’ve gone up to 48 and the most exciting thing about the 48% is that we’ve started at 2% of our children being advanced proficient, we have now gone to 10% of our kids being advanced proficient and that’s only worth three years of data.  So we have another whole seven years to go.