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Individualized Math for Students

I’m Aaron Wills and the principal at Claymont Elementary School in the Parkway school district. Our Coordinator of Mathematics brought the idea of Dreambox to Parkway and started trying it out at some classrooms, saw a high level of engagement with the kids, saw that the kids were really learning math differently than they had before and from there we just implemented it into all of our classrooms. I would tell other educational leaders to take a look at the adaptive nature of DreamBox and the way that the program naturally differentiates instruction for each child. The learners who have little, lower development mentally are going to be able to spend the time that they need exploring concepts and building that number since early on. The learners who already have some of those concepts and skills down are going to be able to advance quickly through the program and move on. It’s one of the best tools we have seen for differentiation and really allows students to spend the time that they need on the mathematical concepts they’re working on. When I stop by a classroom and there are students on the computers using Dreambox, the first thing you notice is engagement, just about a 100% engagement. Those kids are into the software. They’re into those games. You can just see that they’re just having a great time learning. And then knowing what’s going on behind the scenes with the building their mathematical thinking is very exciting.