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Introduction to DreamBox Math

What do students think about when they use DreamBox Learning Math? They think about where they’re headed, what they should learn and when they could use some practice. They think about who they are and the personal progress they’re making. They think about how numbers work and why math make sense. When they have to make a decision or even have as many as a hundred options to choose from they think critically and have their own ideas, they think it’s worth celebrating their progress and how nice it is that they’re not doing the same thing at the same time on the same day as everyone else in their class. They realize math gives them tools to show what they are really thinking. They know there are many ways to solve a problem and believe they are the heroes who can figure out great ways to tame monstrous math problems. They think about numbers and ways that can’t be done with a pencil and paper as they interact with digital tools and games to understand the beauty of mathematics. They think mental division is easy and that adding negative fractions and decimals can be fun not hard. They think about important math concepts, uncovering ideas to understand more deeply. As they figure things out on their own they don’t think they have to wait for someone else to show them what or how to think. Most importantly when students are welcome to the DreamBox Learning they think for themselves because when they think about it, math just makes sense.