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What Nico Thinks About DreamBox

Nico: Hello, my name is Nico. I am in 2nd grade.

Q: What’s your favorite unit on DreamBox, Nico?

Nico: Adding, subtract negative decimals. Because I’m learning a lot from negative, it’s teaching me that if you want to add a negative number, you actually subtract it. And if you want to subtract a number, negative number, dash it out again so, so like opposites.

Q: What would you say to other kids that haven’t tried DreamBox yet?

Nico: I would say you should probably try it when you get to, like, kindergarten to 3rd grade. Then it’s a really helping activity, like, it will help you, like, it doesn’t just do what you don’t. It goes harder and harder.

Q: What would you say to teachers that aren’t using Dreambox?

Nico: I like it a lot.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Nico: A mathematician.

Q: What do you like about DreamBox?

Nico: I like that it helps you, like, memorize stuff, and it gives you the strategies, and it shows you how to do stuff that you don’t know.

Q: Any other thoughts?

Nico: No.