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Technology Delivering on the Promise of Personalized Learning

JWW: We’re at the very exciting time in history, because we’re at a time when there’s a new class of technologies that just didn’t exist a handful of years ago. And they’re creating new possibilities for every learner in America, in the world. And so now there’s a class of technologies that gets to know the user through use. These are these recommendation engines that people are familiar with, with Amazon or Netflix.  We’ve taken that new technology and we brought it into Dreambox. So that in Dreambox, Dreambox learns the learner as the learner learns. And the result is that it delivers the supremely individualized, engaging and effective learning experience that’s available in the market today.
We’re at a very special time. A time when finally education technology can deliver on the promise of personalized learning.

And Dreambox is at the front of it.

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