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What Educators Say

At Dreambox learning, we’ve developed the intelligent adaptive learning technology that accelerates student learning. Dreambox combines rigorous curriculum, motivating learning environments and a powerful intelligent adaptive engine that delivers millions of individualized learning paths. Each one tailored to a student’s unique needs. With the k-5 math curriculum that effectively teaches the common course states standards, Dreambox supports all students whether that they are on level, advanced or in need of intervention. It’s the powerful technology behind Dreambox that makes it so effective. “Here’s a hint 1/6 of an hour is 10 minutes” Dreambox goes beyond recording right and wrong answers “Remember you can use the blocks to help you” and optimizes students learning path based on level of comprehension, efficiency of strategy, help needed, response time and more. Dreambox supports teachers and administrators with real time reporting and independent research shows that Dreambox accelerates student learning.

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