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1st Graders Using Education Technology

Hi, my name is Trish Munson. I used Dreambox to help support our curriculum and it also helps the students scaffold the curriculum. It helps them be able to kind of work wherever they are, and think mathematically wherever they are. If a student can excel, they’re allowed to excel. If the student needs more time in an area, they’re allowed to have more time and more support in that area. It’s really been great, it’s exciting. Sometimes I’ll start teaching a concept to the kids and one of them will raise their hand and say “Oh, I saw this on Dreambox! I know what this is all about.” And their hands are up and so they’re automatically, excitingly telling me this is how you do it. This is how I’m supposed to do it.


And then on the other hand there are some kiddos that are having a tough time and I’m introducing the concept and a couple of days later they’ll say “Oh I just started working on that. I get it now.” So it helps support their learning, on either end.


It’s not always easy to feel that you’re reaching all the different learners at their levels and this individualizes everything for every student. I would recommend Dreambox for one; it’s an extra set of hands that we don’t have and that extra person in the room that can individualize things for each student. It’s a great program to use. It does help them with wherever they are. The kids are excited with it. It engages them a hundred percent. It allows you the opportunity to work one on one with individual students if you want to. If you want to use it as a center, you can have several students working on that, while you’re working on another small group. It’s a win-win a hundred percent.

Trish Munson
1st Grade teacher