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Close the Achievement Gap- Targeted District Strategies to Support All Learners



Webinar Description

As online learning opportunities expand and blended learning models continue to evolve, it’s critical to ensure education remains student-centered and focused on key learning goals. Whether students are in the classroom or using technology, it’s important for all of them to receive personalized, differentiated support as they learn. The use of “adaptive” learning technology is increasing as a way to improve the differentiation and personalization of learning for each unique student.

Targeted and systematic interventions are most effective when each student’s experience is personalized, with varying approaches to levels of readiness, needs, interests, and confidence. With an increasingly high focus on testing and accountability—and demands around supporting diverse learners—how can district administrators empower teachers to implement instructional approaches that effectively enable all students to learn and achieve at a high level? In this edWebinar, Kelly Urlacher, Senior Curriculum Designer for DreamBox Learning, discusses: How schools and districts can leverage data to proactively identify and modify instructional approaches to better support struggling learners Implementing multiple instructional models with efficacy, from Interventions to Accelerations, while staying in alignment with district goals Designing research-based, data-driven professional learning that builds capacity and guides new learning strategies while improving student outcomes All school- and district-based leaders as well as educators are invited to watch the recording. Learn how to close the achievement gap with targeted district strategies to support all learners.