Why “Unfinished Learning” was a Math Problem Long Before the Pandemic – Watch On-Demand Video Now

District Approaches to Raising Math Achievement Through Data-Informed Learning



Webinar Description

When districts use data to drive bolder personalized learning approaches, students achieve more and educators feel empowered. From implementing high quality instructional tools to leveraging real-time insights to adapt instruction, discover how one school district is realizing its mission to prepare today’s learners for tomorrow’s opportunities. In this webinar, Lynn Simmers, assistant superintendent, Southwest Allen County School District, and Dr. Tim Hudson, senior vice president of learning, DreamBox Learning, will share strategies to help your district create a path to success for all learners, including:

  • Using data to build capacity, drive alignment, and lead change
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement and growth mindset
  • Making the most of real-time data insights to inform instruction
  • Personalizing instruction and professional development to support deeper learning