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Starting the School Year STEM Strong: How to Power Deeper Math Learning


Webinar Description

A strong foundation in math and science learning can prepare students to succeed in meeting the rigorous, and often technical, demands of the 21st century. As education systems move toward competency-based learning, there is increasing pressure for students to demonstrate deep conceptual understanding at every step, and for teachers to effectively prepare students in STEM.

But what are the best strategies to effectively integrate STEM in schools while empowering student agency and supporting teachers? In this edWebinar, David Woods, Director of Curriculum and Reporting at Dreambox Learning, shows how to kick-start a STEM strong school year, including:

  • Building STEM into your curriculum and school culture
  • Leveraging technology and tools to support student growth and understanding in mathematics
  • How to prepare and support teachers to teach with confidence on challenging STEM topics
  • Strategies for introducing traditionally challenging mathematical concepts to students