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Algebra Readiness: Equipping K-8 Students for Success

Webinar Date: April 30, 2015

As the focus on standards-readiness grows, educators need reassurance that they’re not just teaching students how to pass a test, but also supporting their exploration, creativity, and deep understanding of applied knowledge. Joe Trahan, former middle school teacher, will discuss the pedagogical approach to preparing students for formal algebra. He’ll share opportunities educators have to introduce the exploration of abstract concepts at an early age—at a time when students are more focused on concrete mathematical concepts.

Topics covered will include:

  • Opportunities to foster mathematical exploration at an early age
  • Digital tools to support concrete and abstract mathematical manipulations
  • How to assess readiness and intervene appropriately for students that have gaps

This webinar is targeted toward middle school educators as well as elementary educators interested in supporting deeper understanding of applied knowledge in math.


Webinar Presenters

  • Joe Trahan - Curriculum Designer at DreamBox Learning,

Webinar Slides