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Blending Middle School: A Powerful Time For Math Education

Webinar Date: September 22, 2014

Middle school is a time of development, discovery and transition for students – but also an exciting and powerful time for math education. Tom Vander Ark of Getting Smart will share his research and findings around successful implementations of blended learning in middle schools across the nation, as well as lessons learned. Elementary math often provides a level of instant gratification—you see the problem, you know the answer. In middle school, the math starts to get more complex, building connections among content. We need to help students practice patience, use a variety of solving techniques to attack problems, and learn from their mistakes in order to persist through difficult math situations rather than simply giving up. Attend this web seminar to learn how to motivate students to succeed with competency-based learning, build persistence through learning that is student-driven, and equip schools for learning that happens anytime, anywhere.


Webinar Presenters

  • Tom Vander Ark - CEO at Getting Smart, Washington

Webinar Slides