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Empowering Teacher Agency: How Data-Driven PD Models are Improving K-5 Math Achievement

Webinar Date: June 20, 2017

Just as teachers struggle to find time and resources that support differentiation and personalization for every student in math class, administrators struggle to provide differentiated professional learning options for teachers that are relevant to their classroom and easily accessible.

To improve elementary student achievement in math, district administrators must explore innovative approaches to professional development that improve teachers’ understanding of mathematics concepts. In this webinar, Dr. Tim Hudson, VP of Learning at DreamBox Learning shared how to:

  • Adopt a new model of online professional learning that empowers teachers to use real-time student data to access “just in time” professional learning resources that are specific to their students and classrooms.
  • Implement best practices for driving teacher agency in PD, such as empowering teachers to use data to choose PD topics that address the real challenges in their classrooms.
  • Ensure equitable learning outcomes for all students in mathematics by also ensuring equitable professional learning outcomes for all mathematics teachers.

All school and district-based leaders and K-12 educators will benefit from this on-demand webinar.


Webinar Slides