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Equity, Access, and Achievement in the Math Classroom

Webinar Date: April 13, 2017

It’s a rapidly changing world, and one that will impact our children’s future. What career prospects will there be for them?  Will they be prepared for success? Most lucrative careers require a background in mathematics and if students leave elementary school without a positive growth-mindset and a firm foundation built for algebra, the doors for access into STEM careers may be in jeopardy. How do we keep the doors open for them?

In this webinar, Cathy Fosnot, president and CEO, New Perspectives on Learning, and Fran Roy, chief academic officer, Fall River Public Schools, Fall River, Mass., explored how to create a positive growth-mindset and showcase the evidence-based results that can be achieved. They examined how learning trajectories can be used to monitor and support mathematical growth during engagement in rich, vibrant math workshops in contrast to the use of textbooks, and how technology can be a powerful tool in providing differentiation and professional support.


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