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Introducing MyFlexPD™, PD driven by student data

Webinar Date: June 08, 2017

Effective professional development (PD) provides meaningful opportunities for educators to continue to improve their knowledge and skills so they can help students achieve success. Unfortunately, math leaders and administrators have always had difficulty providing relevant PD opportunities that can reach every teacher. Constrained by a lack of time, resources, and access to relevant content, teachers have struggled to get the professional learning that’s essential to improve outcomes for their students—until now!

Join DreamBox presenters Thera Pearce, director of professional development, and Kelly Urlacher, senior curriculum designer, as they unveil a transformative new way to give teachers the PD they need, when they need it—without sacrificing valuable instructional time with students.

Find out how you can:

  • Shift PD from a “just-in-case” to a “just-in-time” model
  • Deliver PD that’s contextual and based on student data
  • Deepen teachers’ understanding of math content

    Anytime, anywhere professional learning that’s truly relevant is finally a reality. Register now for this exciting live event and see for yourself.