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Leadership Panel The Challenges and Rewards of Technology and Blended Learning in Our Schools

Webinar Date: September 25, 2019


Webinar Description

Technology in the classroom is not a new concept. Teachers and District Administrators have been utilizing technology for decades to bring Blended Learning to life and enrich instruction. But sometimes new technologies and strategies can be met with apprehension and scrutiny by some educators and media outlets. “Are we harming our students through exposure to technology?”, some might ask. “Or would we be doing them a disservice by excluding the best available tools from their education that can personalize learning and differentiate instruction?” In this panel, CEO and President Jessie Woolley-Wilson of DreamBox Learning, a math educational technology company, and Nick Gaehde, President of Lexia Learning, a language and literacy educational technology company, will share their opinions on the challenges, benefits, and future of technology in the classroom. Jessie and Nick will be joined by school and building leadership who will share firsthand knowledge of the impact technology has had on the students in their buildings and districts.