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Math Mindset Comes First: Closing the Achievement Gap

Webinar Date: December 08, 2016

Students who are behind in math may suffer from “failure fatigue.” Symptoms may include feeling of nausea when math class approaches, “answer getting,” and feelings of frustration with no cure. To relieve the symptoms, we must first treat the cause – a fixed mindset where students believe that they are bad at math and will never get it. In this EdWeb webinar, Leland Kriegh, MS, Professional Development and Implementation Specialist at DreamBox Learning, explored the reasons why we need to focus on building a math mindset within each student before we focus on specific skills. He also shared five resources to help you develop your students’ math mindset and how you can foster this in the math classroom and outside-the-classroom programs. This webinar will benefit all K-12 math educators, especially those teaching in K-8; and administrators, including principals, assistant principals, superintendents, district administrators, and curriculum directors.


Webinar Slides