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Personalized Learning in Project-Based Math Classrooms

Webinar Date: October 11, 2016

Combining personalized and project-based learning creates a big opportunity for educators to make learning more compelling, customized, connected, and competency-based.

In this webinar, Getting Smart CEO Tom Vander Ark and DreamBox Learning Curriculum Manager David Woods discussed the implications of personalized and project-based learning for diverse students, including how to: 

  • Create empowering learning environments
  • Design curriculum for optimum conceptual understanding and procedural fluency
  • Develop an innovation mindset in the classroom

Learn how to cultivate young mathematicians and develop the skills they need to be successful problem solvers. This webinar is designed for district and building administrators, teacher leaders, instructional coaches, and educators.


Webinar Presenters

  • Tom Vander Ark - CEO at Getting Smart, Washington

Webinar Slides