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Personalizing the K-8 Math Experience: Increase Student Engagement and Achievement

Webinar Date: September 23, 2014

Learn how DreamBox Learning supports educators and students, inspiring deep mathematical thinking in all K-8 students by pairing learner motivation and adaptive technology with rigorous, standards aligned curriculum. The result is a learning environment that students love, coupled with data that supports teachers and administrators.

DreamBox offers an instructional design that empowers kids to really think about what they are learning. This design delivers personalization by allowing each student to forge a unique pathway to truly understand math. Math curriculum that pairs conceptual understanding with fluency connects students with complex ideas in ways that paper and pencil never could. It brings math alive for kids through powerful, purposeful engagement. In a college and career focused society, students are continuously applying and utilizing skills attained to demonstrate mathematical mastery and DreamBox builds this foundation.


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