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The Empowered Adult Learner: Building Engaging Schools and Classrooms



Webinar Description

Research indicates that effective teachers are the most critical factor contributing to student achievement. Among other attributes, highly effective teachers excel at deeply engaging students, fueling persistence and excitement in learning from introduction to mastery. How do successful district leaders empower all educators to enable highly engaged learning experiences and unlock the learning potential of every student?

In this edWebinar, Dr. Tim Hudson, Senior Vice President of Learning for DreamBox Learning and Chris Kalmbach, Elementary Math Coach, Moses Lake School District in Washington, share how to build highly engaged schools and classrooms, including:

  • Conditions and attributes in schools and classrooms that inspire students and educators
  • Ways to develop a growth mindset culture, including the role of learner agency and resilience
  • Implementing and scaling new strategic approaches to support teacher learning and confidence
  • Purposeful strategies to drive student engagement and ownership in the classroom