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The New Identity of Adaptive Math Learning

Webinar Date: October 17, 2016

Ten years ago there were no educational products available for K-12 Math that were truly adaptive. Now just about everyone claims to be adaptive in some way. But what does it mean to be “adaptive”? How do these products work? And how do you evaluate which best fits your needs?

In this webinar, Nigel Green, Vice President of User Experience at DreamBox Learning, discusses the evolving definition of adaptive learning and it’s application in varying technologies and approaches, including:

  • How different student actions and behaviors can inform an adaptive engine
  • How adaptive learning programs can be integrated into your blended learning models
  • Some of the possible futures of adaptive learning

All educators interested in adaptive learning, including superintendents, district administrators, curriculum directors, and classroom teachers will want to view this discussion.


Webinar Presenters

  • Nigel Green -

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