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Use Discourse to Access Language and Mathematics for English Learners

Webinar Date: February 13, 2017

Extensive use of discourse in the classroom is a key practice to support the learning of English while learning mathematics. English learners are in varying stages of English language development, and discourse will increase their productive (oral and written) and receptive (listening and reading) language functions in addition to their comprehension of mathematics concepts. The Standards for Mathematical Practice expect students to reason, construct viable arguments, and critique the reasoning of others among other practices. Thus, classroom teachers need to provide support for students’ English language development to engage in these practices.

In this webinar, Mathematics Education Consultant Dr. Susie W. Håkansson shared the rationale for using discourse in the classroom, the role of productive and receptive language functions in the learning of mathematics, as well as examples of how to increase discourse in the classroom.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Challenges in learning English
  • Using discourse (including the role of productive and receptive language functions)
  • Language in the mathematics classroom
  • Cognitively-demanding mathematics tasks
  • Examples of discourse in the classroom
  • Equity and excellence

Learn how to support your English learners while they are learning mathematics. This recorded webinar is designed for mathematics educators, administrators, coaches, classroom teachers, as well as mathematics teacher educators.


Webinar Slides