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Digital tools, gaming protocols, and student engagement

While nothing can replace a talented teacher, digital tools and gaming protocols seem to be a promising means to connect to learners in powerful new ways. When we asked students about their use of technology in our latest Project Tomorrow® Speak Up surveys, the students had thought-provoking things to say about how they use it, and how they’d like to see it used to bring them closer to subject matter, their fellow students, and teachers. How are new digital tools reshaping the learning environment, and how are they working as a vehicle for higher achievement?


In this white paper, we will dive into the data for the following questions:

  • Are all students really “digital natives”?
  • How are digital tools reshaping the learning environment? In school? Outside of school?
  • How are game-based enviroments engaging learnings?
  • Who is playing games for learning?
  • What are the benefits of intelligent adaptive learning?

About the Author: Julie Evans

Julie Evans

CEO, Project Tomorrow

Julie Evans is the CEO of the national education nonprofit organization, Project Tomorrow whose mission is to ensure that today's students are well prepared to become tomorrow's leaders, innovators and engaged citizens of the world. Prior to joining the organization in 1999, Ms. Evans enjoyed a successful 17-year career in the technology for-profit sector. Her career includes 12 years in regional sales and marketing management with Unisys and as an executive with two high tech startup companies in the educational technology arena. Ms. Evans is a graduate of Brown University.