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You Asked: DreamBox Delivered

How the latest DreamBox empowers educators to excel

Every educator and administrator wants to start the new school year feeling prepared, confident, and in control. And this year, DreamBox teachers have more tools and resources than ever before to set themselves and their students up for success.

DreamBox developers channeled educator feedback into every little tweak to deliver the features and content you need to drive better outcomes and make the most of your valuable time. Whether school started for you already, or is set to start soon, there’s good reason to log in to DreamBox to check out all the new bells and whistles. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Helpful “Getting Started” tools: The first thing you’ll see when you log in to DreamBox is our new Getting Started tour. In just over two minutes, this video quickly steps you through the basics of DreamBox, including proven ways to ensure the best differentiation and growth for your students. A concise introduction to the platform and how it works, the video tour is perfect for teachers new to DreamBox, and those who might want a refresher. That means if you’re an administrator, you no longer have to allocate time and resources to getting new staff up to speed on the platform. With a short video tour and easy access to other helpful guides and popular articles, teachers will be ready to hit the ground running in no time.
  • Embedded professional development: Throughout your dashboard you’ll see a blue PD icon. This is your portal to embedded professional development. Using MyFlexPD™, educators can engage in a private, self-paced learning experience any time, anywhere. You can refresh and fine-tune your math content knowledge at a pace and place that’s convenient for you with professional development resources that are directly relevant to what your students are learning in DreamBox. MyFlexPD empowers you to unlock your own learning potential so you can differentiate with confidence and better guide student success.
  • Updated navigation: Newly enhanced navigation makes managing classes and accessing student learning data easier and more intuitive. You can quickly toggle between classrooms and easily update student settings and roster information, like switching between Spanish and English.
  • More resources than ever: Under the new Resources tab at the top of your Insight Dashboard you’ll find student motivation tools, curricula resources, on-demand webinars, and more. Here, you can download calendars, math journals, and posters to help students set learning goals and then track their progress. You’ll find still more resources when you click on the Login Information button in the top-right corner of your Reports screen, including printable letters for parents and learning guardians (in both English and Spanish) with instructions on how to access the family dashboard.

All of these updates and enhancements are the product of teacher input, and reflect our continuing commitment to empower educators to not only improve student outcomes, but to choose where and how they focus their own professional learning. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon! If you have questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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