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Inspire a Lifelong Love of Learning for Your Students

As the only K–8 digital math program that intelligently adapts in real time to each student, DreamBox builds confidence and growth.


DreamBox supports your district’s curriculum.

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Get ahead of challenges with our Insight Dashboard

We identify gaps so teachers can offer targeted support where needed.

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Fuel growth for every student

No two students are the same. That's why we adapt to the individual learner.


Personalized lessons and manipulatives

Adaptive content, sequencing, and assessment truly individualize learning with real-time scaffolding.


Built-in formative assessment

DreamBox raises student achievement and deepens understanding with innovative virtual manipulatives and games that let students solve problems in ways that make sense to them.


Data at your fingertips helps you plan smarter

The DreamBox Insight Dashboard identifies gaps and accelerates growth at the district, school, classroom, and student level.


Personalized professional development helps teachers grow

Support your teachers with a customized, blended professional development package and on-demand courses.


Built-in social-emotional learning develops perseverance, confidence, and grit

DreamBox was built with SEL in mind, from goal setting and rewards to encouragement, productive struggle, and teacher-student messaging.


Support for everyone in your district, whenever you need It

From logging in for the first time, to making the most of DreamBox, we’re here to help.


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Aligns with every states standards k-8th

Aligned to Your Curriculum and Standards

Rigorous and proven learner-driven curriculum

With real-time access to student progress it’s easy to measure proficiency against standards.

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Give every student agency and confidence

With built-in student messaging and age-appropriate access to lessons below, at, or above grade level, DreamBox fosters grit, perseverance, and productive struggle.


DreamBox = Boosted test scores. Here's the proof:

Here's the proof: U.S. Students Grew 1.58 Grade Levels in Math

Harvard Study

The CEPR at Harvard University study of DreamBox showed meaningful achievement gains.

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Evidence for ESSA

DreamBox Learning is the only comprehensive K–8 math program rated STRONG by Evidence for ESSA.

SRI International Study

SRI International Study shows DreamBox has positive effects on student achievement.


Helpful videos, articles, how-to guides and news you need

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Success Spotlight

If you were to ask me, why is DreamBox different? DreamBox is different. because of the conceptual nature, it's the one thing that drew my attention to the program. It's not just a simple click, multiple-choice answer; move on, you got it incorrect, read the following information, and they'll fix it. What DreamBox does is it has students manipulate, it has students demonstrate their thinking with tools, and DreamBox can watch those responses and tailor the next set of lessons based upon those responses for that next best lesson. DreamBox is really able to close the gaps at the conceptual level.

I’m an elementary special education teacher for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. One of the biggest increases that I’ve seen in my students since using DreamBox last year has been in the levels of their perseverance. My students are working hard to stick with the lessons, explore, click around the lessons, and see what happens. To me, fostering that tenaciousness, that ‘stick with it ness’ has come from DreamBox... My students have done a great job with DreamBox, and it has made a big difference in my interventions with them.

DreamBox empowers students to take ownership of their learning. The criteria for success in math is effectively communicated, and the lessons are customized for optimal student performance. We appreciate the sustainability in student achievement in math that is exemplified through the utilization of DreamBox.

DreamBox gives us really rich data to be able to dig in and learn more about our kids and not just how they perform on a test but how they think and the strategies they’re using to solve problems, mathematically speaking.

Amanda WylieK–5 Math Instructional Coach – Pickens County School District, SC

Spoiler, they love it

Score! DreamBox helps students and districts speed math learning

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North Dakota Schools Boost Math Scores with DreamBox

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More Time to Teach

Help teachers do what they do best

DreamBox identifies gaps in learning and predicts future performance so teachers don’t have to guess.

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Fully integrated

Seamlessly integrates with in-person, hybrid, or remote classrooms.

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Plays well with others

Proven to be most effective when paired with in-person instruction.

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Valuable insights

Give your teachers the data they need to help students succeed.

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Help when you need it

Support and professional development is easy to access for teachers and districts.

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Professional Development

The knowledge teachers need, when they need it

We offer both synchronous and asynchronous PD options so teachers can dive into DreamBox at their own pace.

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Remote Learning

Remote learning, fun? True story.

Engagement is the key to success. Our game-based lessons and built-in goal setting were designed to keep students engaged.

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DreamBox en Español

Spanish, English, or both. You choose.

Dual language options are available for all DreamBox lessons


You have questions. We have answers.

To speak with a member of our customer support team call 1 (877) 451-7845 (Ext 3)

We are available from 5AM – 5PM PST, Monday – Friday. Or get support at on our online customer support center.

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Students in the US averaged 1.58 grade levels of math growth. Ready to see yours soar too?

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DreamBox is a K–8 education solution whose mission is to transform the way students learn. Our lessons take children from wherever they are to where they want to be.

DreamBox is a K–8 education solution whose mission is to transform the way students learn. Our lessons take children from wherever they are to where they want to be.

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