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Monitor progress and target instruction

Real-time, easy-to-access data empowers educators to measure DreamBox’s impact on student learning and better personalize instruction.

Growth Report Tile

A window into student progress

Actionable data to inform instructional decisions

The DreamBox dashboard enables educators to immediately understand where students are and what they need to grow. With more insight into learning through usage, progress, and actionable next steps, educators can build confidence and competence across their district. 

Growth Report Data

Deeper insight, more frequently

Monitor student progress, daily

With the Growth Report, educators gain comprehensive insight into each student's progress based on the most recent data from learners. Updated daily, the Growth Report empowers educators to access the most up-to-date actionable data between test windows.  

Proficiency Report

Focus on the right areas

Track proficiency by grade-level standard

With DreamBox Math’s Standards Reports, educators can better monitor students’ grade-level proficiency and easily identify focus areas for individual or group instruction. The report also enables teachers to quickly differentiate instruction by targeted assignments for each learner.  

Lesson Highlights data

Watch thinking in action

Obtain unparalleled insight into students’ thinking

Lesson Highlights provides a window into exactly how students are solving problems. With this knowledge, teachers can target instruction to better address specific misconceptions or misunderstandings. 

Personalize the pathway

Quickly assign targeted lessons

Educators can immediately assign targeted lessons based on individual students’ needs, and quickly identify students who are working on a similar conceptual path for strategic grouping. 

But wait, there’s more

Better insight means improved outcomes

DreamBox Math gives you the tools to ensure growth and success for every student, whatever their starting point.


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