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DreamBox Learning® Unveils New Features to Provide Real-Time Student-Level Data Insight

June 22, 2023

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Award-winning K-8 math solution now includes an adaptive, baseline student assessment and daily growth report for educators and administrators to measure student achievement



BELLEVUE, Wash. — June 22, 2023 — DreamBox Learning, Inc.® (“DreamBox”), pioneer of intelligent adaptive learning, today announced two new innovative math features, the Launchpad Assessment (Launchpad) and Growth Report, designed to provide educators with a deep understanding of student performance and track student growth. Launchpad leverages next-generation assessment methods in a low-stress environment to establish a detailed baseline for each student. The Growth Report equips educators and district administrators with a daily snapshot of students’ most recent performance at any time in the year. Combined with DreamBox’s highly efficacious curriculum, these new features provide the insight educators need to deliver a personalized and engaging student experience.

These new tools for educators come on the heels of a recently published Education Recovery Scorecard by The Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University (CEPR) and Stanford University's Educational Opportunity Project, revealing the average U.S. public school student in grades 3-8 lost the equivalent of a half year of learning in math and a quarter of a year in reading as a result of the pandemic. To accelerate student learning growth, real-time data is crucial for educators to adapt instruction to each student’s learning needs.

“We’re thrilled that the platform our students already know, and love, now provides a baseline assessment and we can see specifics of how student math achievement is growing over time in DreamBox,” said Susan L. Austin, Superintendent of Schools at Groton Public Schools, a participant in the early feedback program. “Students K-8 found the assessment engaging, and some feedback that stuck out to me was how our middle school students’ buy-in for DreamBox increased after they did Launchpad. Groton is happy to partner with DreamBox to optimize efficacy and growth, because we believe that DreamBox is an essential ingredient to our math instruction. Students tell me that DreamBox makes them think!”

To help educators determine where their students are in their learning at the start of the school year, DreamBox’s Launchpad provides educators and district administrators with the most recent student performance data and insights into students’ current needs – all aligned with state standards. When students complete Launchpad, they are seamlessly placed in their just right spot in DreamBox’s curriculum, while administrators and teachers are equipped with deeper insights into where each student is in their learning journey, setting a personalized pathway for growth for each student.

As Launchpad helps educators understand where students are in their learning at the start of the school year, DreamBox’s new Growth Report utilizes continuous formative assessment data to provide daily insights at the student, class, school, grade, and district-level throughout the year. These data snapshots leverage the most recent and accurate data about a student in the standards of their state or school, so educators do not need to wait for the next testing window. DreamBox provides this information by mathematical domain to help educators make decisions on when and how to provide additional support to students. 

After participating in an early feedback program, Carrie Schade, District K-5 Math Instructional Coach at Centerville City School District said: “DreamBox's new Growth Report provides teachers, principals, and district leaders with timely, easy-to-understand student data into how students are progressing toward their academic goals.”

“We're delighted to expand our offering with these new features, which are designed to support educators with the data insights needed to monitor progress, measure growth, and target instruction for students,” said Jessie Woolley-Wilson, President and CEO of DreamBox Learning. “Launchpad and Growth Report embody DreamBox's commitment to deliver innovation that fits seamlessly into educators' workflows and complements their instruction, while engaging every student in a fun and efficacious curriculum."

DreamBox is an award-winning solution. Most recently, DreamBox Math was named a 2023 EdTech Award winner in the “Best Math Solution” category. DreamBox is also the only provider of digital solutions rated “Strong” by Johns Hopkins’ EvidenceforESSA.org in both mathematics and reading.

To learn more about Launchpad and Growth Report, visit https://www.dreambox.com/back-to-school. To learn more about DreamBox, visit https://www.dreambox.com/.

About DreamBox Learning
DreamBox Learning®, the leading pre-K through 12 education technology provider, is radically transforming the way the world learns. As the only dual-discipline solution rated “Strong” by Johns Hopkins’ EvidenceforESSA.org in both mathematics and reading, DreamBox uniquely provides schools high-quality adaptive learning solutions independently proven to accelerate student growth. Built by teachers and for teachers, DreamBox empowers educators with robust data analytics and content-specific professional development solutions to complement instruction. DreamBox supports 600,000 educators and approximately 6 million students in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and throughout the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. For more information, visit https://www.dreambox.com/.


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