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Dreambox and Privacy

Privacy policy

Who We Are and What We Do

July 8, 2022
DreamBox Learning® (DreamBox), the leading K-12 education technology provider, is radically transforming the way the world learns. As the only dual-discipline solution rated “Strong” by Johns Hopkins’ EvidenceforESSA.org in both mathematics and reading, DreamBox uniquely provides schools high-quality, adaptive learning solutions independently proven to accelerate student growth. We built DreamBox because we believe all students can excel at learning, no matter where they start, where they live, or who they are. We are dedicated to helping students realize their potential, working together with parents, guardians, teachers, principals, and district administrators. Critical to our vision is safeguarding the privacy of every person who uses DreamBox. You can learn more about our company values here.

Privacy Statement

In this policy, we’ve attempted to provide as much useful information as possible, from many different angles, to help you find whatever answers you might need about our approach to privacy. But, at the core, our approach to privacy is this:

DreamBox understands that your data is important, personal, and that it is yours. You shared your data with us so that we can provide you with the DreamBox service, but we don’t own the data: you do. We will not use the data you share to use our services for third-party marketing or other unrelated purposes. We won’t sell it to or share it with any company not directly involved in providing the DreamBox service or services you are using. We will always protect your data, using world-class security measures and practices implemented by vetted, fully-trained personnel. We will be transparent about exactly what data we have from you or about you, how we got that data, and how we use it. If you ask us to delete your data, we will remove you from the DreamBox services, destroy your personal data, and alert you when your removal is complete. We will not collect additional personal information directly from children, or market products to children using the data you provide. See also our statement about Student Privacy, directly below this note.

Student Privacy

DreamBox Learning is deeply committed to setting a high bar for protecting students’ privacy and sensitive student information across all our learning products. We believe that students, educators, and learning guardians benefit when there is trust in learning. We believe that well-conceived privacy policies and rigorous enforcement of those policies are a core requirement for online learning. As evidence of our commitment to these principles, we’ve signed on to the nationwide Student Privacy Pledge 2020. 
For students who use our system, we receive information from a school or school district, or a parent or learning guardian. When students use our system, they generate usage and performance data that capture how students interact with lessons. We use that statistical data to measure performance, adapt programs to each student’s learning needs, and provide progress reports to educators and learning guardians. We do not collect personal information from students at any time.

We do not market products to students, either within our services or elsewhere. When schools and learning guardians provide student data to use our services, we do not use that data for direct marketing, third-party marketing, or any other unrelated purposes. We will not sell it to or share it with any company not directly involved in providing DreamBox services.

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