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Case Studies

Efficacy Study: Elementary and Middle School Students using DreamBox Math in Napa Valley USD Demonstrate Significant Gains

August 24, 2023

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This research shows significant growth for students who used DreamBox Math with fidelity. EOY assessment data from Napa Valley USD indicates: 

  • Students scored 9.5 percentile points higher when completing at least five DreamBox Math lessons (~30 – 60 minutes) per week than if they completed no lessons per week. 

  • DreamBox Math was effective in all grade levels, including at the middle school level. 

  • Regardless of starting achievement level, students who completed five or more DreamBox Math lessons showed significant growth compared to students who completed fewer lessons. 

  • DreamBox Math was effective for underrepresented populations ELL students and students who qualify for FRL. 

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