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DreamBox Math helps students succeed no matter where they start

Personalize K-8 math learning with supplemental curriculum that is more than just instructional support software. DreamBox Math is intelligently adaptive to ensure students, at every level, stay motivated and receive the right instruction at the right time, from day one.

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Everything You Need

DreamBox has everything students need to build math confidence

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Because we all learn differently

Learning isn't linear, and neither is our approach. DreamBox tracks each student's interaction and evaluates their strategies, then immediately adjusts the lesson and prompts, so every student can progress at the pace and on the instructional path that’s right for them.

DreamBox gets results because it adapts based on strategies, not answers.

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Comprehensive Insights

A powerful educator experience to inform instructional decisions

DreamBox provides actionable data that deepens educators’ understanding of where students are, where they need to be, and how to get them there. 

Growth Report

Growth Report

Don't wait for test day to measure student growth

Access comprehensive insights into each student's growth based on the most recent data. The Growth Report updates daily to empower educators to positively impact student outcomes without waiting for the next test window. 

Launchpad Baseline Assessment

Enhanced ability to monitor progress and measure growth.

Launchpad, an engaging in-platform assessment, provides educators with an accurate baseline about student understanding and efficiently places students in the program’s curriculum.  

Launchpad is:

checkmark Engaging and Fun: The adaptive experience uses the same approach as DreamBox Math’s interactive lessons to assess student thinking 

checkmark Efficient: In less than one hour, the assessment helps educators quickly identify students below, near, or above grade level  

checkmark Seamless: Launchpad integrates with DreamBox’s curriculum and then picks up exactly where students need support 

checkmark Actionable: Monitor growth daily with Launchpad’s established baseline as a starting point across state standards 

checkmark Optional: Administrators can customize their Launchpad implementation to align with their district needs 

checkmark Additive: Launchpad can complement existing standalone assessments 

Insights And Resources For You

Learn more about how DreamBox creates math success with helpful resources.


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DreamBox Learning takes children from whereever they are to where they want to be by transforming the way they learn.
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