• Love to learn at home.

    Despite what you may have experienced with math, your children can develop a love for it. An adaptive, engaging learning environment keeps kids interested and motivated for success.

    “I love DreamBox because it doesn’t make me so frustrated in math. It’s taught me how to do it an easier way.”

    —9th Grader, Chaska, MN


  • Overview

    Math learning they’ll love.

    More than anyone, you know just how comfortable your children are with technology. We believe in using the strength of that technology to empower your children with fun online lessons that intelligently adjust for a ‘just right’ experience. Children are never intimidated, frustrated, or bored. Instead, they take charge of their own learning.

    Progress you can see:

    Every child’s future should be seen as unlimited. With the parent’s Dashboard, you can always monitor progress, whether your child is advancing through DreamBox at home or at school. You can also watch their self-confidence and math proficiency grow.

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    Engaging Kids

    Fun is a terrific motivator.

    DreamBox is a digital fun zone that empowers you and your child. With our Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology, a rigorous math curriculum and a highly-motivating learning environment, every child, no matter where they are right now, can be a math star—and have a fun adventure at the same time. DreamBox is proven to work for kids who are struggling with math and those who are ready for a higher level—on desktop, laptop, and iPad®. 

    Learning can be an adventure:

    • Personalize by theme, music, and more
    • Stories and interactive games
    • Rewards and certificates to display

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    Seriously Fun Math Learning

    DreamBox is serious math learning that is seriously fun.

    DreamBox transforms the way students learn K–8 math at school and at home with a phenomenal level of individualized instruction that helps every student learn to think like a mathematician. It is proven to work for kids who are struggling with math, those who are ready for a higher level of math, and even for kids with English as a second language.

    An environment kids love:

    • Highly personalized and effective
    • Themes, characters, and a reward system
    • Empowerment and achievement for every learner

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    A math tutor with infinite patience.

    DreamBox Learning Math offers a new way to learn with ‘just right’ lessons and the kind of infinite patience every teacher wishes they had time to provide. Ready to get the support your kids need in math? Get started today!

    Home pricing:

    For 1 child: 6 months for $59.95! That’s 23% off the full price. (Or subscribe monthly: $12.95/month)

    For your family: 6 months for $99.95 for up to 4 kids! That’s at least 36% off full price. (Or subscribe monthly: $19.95/month).

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    Free Trial

    Get your kids to try it and you’ll see they love it.

    With DreamBox, students drive their own math learning experiences. Younger kids can personalize the game by choosing a game character and a theme to turn their lessons into fun adventures. Older students enjoy a highly motivating learning environment they can make their own with the unit chooser and rewards for lessons completed. Like a good teacher, DreamBox Learning Math encourages progress, with rewards for both effort and academic achievement. Don’t delay deep math learning for your kids another day.  Sign up for a free 14-day, no obligation home trial today.

    Free and easy:

    • Online, no installation needed
    • Great support
    • Every child can be a math star!

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