Meeting AYP starts with every student.

To help your school meet AYP, DreamBox pairs a Common Core-based math curriculum with an Intelligent Adaptive Learning Engine™ that adjusts to the needs of all students. And up-to-the-minute reporting keeps administrators on top of school-wide progress.

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Improve your students' math proficiency.

DreamBox Learning Math engages students with an adaptive online curriculum that meets them where they are. Its Intelligent Adaptive Learning Engine™ adjusts to all students, making it effective for math intervention and ELL programs.

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The path to success starts with each individual student.

DreamBox adapts its rigorous math curriculum for all learners, regardless of level. It provides the in-depth, real-time reporting teachers need with two engaging learning environments (primary and intermediate) that students love.

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Serious learning that’s seriously fun.

DreamBox combines a rigorous math curriculum with fun online lessons that intelligently adjust to the way your child learns. And with the Parent’s Dashboard, you can always monitor progress, whether your child is being taught at home or at school.

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